What is functional medicine

A systems- biology based approach that focuses on the root cause of your illness and address each symptom.


We are all born with genetic dispositions for certain diseases, like diabetes; FM focuses on the opposite-how your genetics are stimulated to develop these conditions

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Much like genetics your environment (where you live, work and play) all play a role in the stimulation of certain disease.

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We focus on why or what trigged your disease, to help you restore your health and improve your quality of life. 

What should I expect with my initial consults and follow-ups

- Your initial consultation with the provider is 60-70 minutes. You will spend another 60 minutes getting your labs done, vitals taken and scheduling a dietician appointment.

-You will also sign important documents (new patient consult, HIPAA forms, consent to treat and a medical release from your previous provider. 

-We would like for you to bring a 3 day food diary, and complete a medical symptom/toxicity questionnaire. 

-Pay for consult, labs and any supplements you wish to purchase. All of the supplements that are recommended are available for purchase in our
office and online. You are not obligated to purchase supplements from our office. 

-You can have your medical records faxed to us at 866-467-2909 Attn: Medical Records

- All subsequent follow-up visits will last approximately 30 minutes.

-Please call us if you would like additional information on this new program! 

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